Focal points of our activities in education

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  • Publications on new research results in international journals
  • Publication of scientific textbooks and teaching materials on soil fertility and sustainable land use
  • Lecturing on the current situation, innovations and trends in soil fertility research at congresses and symposia
  • Teaching at universities, colleges and other educational institutions
  • Formation of international soil fertility innovation networks
  • Development of international standards and methodological guidelines for the monitoring and sustainable use of soil and water resources
  • Seminars and procedural user training, e.g. for land use which conserves soil and water, the Müncheberg Soil Quality Rating and soil hydrology measurement methods
  • Further education of post-doctoral students, doctoral candidates and other students
  • Learning from Mitscherlich: preservation of the scientific estate of Eilhard Alfred Mitscherlich, publications on Mitscherlich
  • Profiling the Mitscherlich Academy as an international competence center for soil fertility
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