We provide expertise on soil fertility and sustainable land use

  • Process analysis and assessment of soil chemical, biological and hydrological parameters in the framework of research and development projects
  • Soil hydrology reports
  • Process analysis and calculation of groundwater recharge and quality
  • Diagnosis and assessment of management-related soil compaction
  • Effect of farm animals and wildlife on soil and vegetation, assessment of suitability for landscape management
  • Fertilization advice, fertilization and land use strategies
  • Nutrient balances and management plans
  • Exploration and classification of peat and horticultural substrates
  • Testing organic, organo-mineral and mineral fertilizers
  • Carrying out vessel and field tests
  • Assessment of substances’ suitability for direct and indirect plant nutrition. Professional and legal support in the application of mineral and organic fertilizers, secondary raw materials or soil additives
  • Process analysis and calculation of plant species’ water consumption. Scientific support and expertise to control the soil water balance: drainage, groundwater regulation, irrigation, agromelioration
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Production of mycorrhizal fungi